as much as we all including (especially) me love “wild child teddy lupin” we have to realize that this is rita skeeter and although it is very likely that teddy is a wild child it’s just as likely that he’s a little remus lupin the second who victoire walks all over and who hasnt stopped blushing since that bloody article came out

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a kid from my school sent me a pic an elaborate painting of atticus finch shirtless smoking a blunt while a colt 45 is being poured on him along with a text that read “hot dad 2: dad harder” and this is the closest thing to a sext I have ever received

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You neglected to mention the Tupac and Biggie cherubs how dare you.

look there’s a lot going on here it makes perfect sense that they’d forget some details

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Shakespeare has like a character named Antonio in about four or five of his plays, and the dude is usually somewhat minor, involved with the sea and possibly other men. So I have this theory that Shakespeare had a buddy named Antonio who was basically the Yoko Ono of the King’s Men.

Antonio would be this gruff, sexually-ambiguous, partially-literate Italian merchant/sailor dude who would occasionally show up in London and end up hangin’ out and drinking with the actors. Shakespeare would be like “EEEEYYY, come join in, brah!” and invariably write him a role in the show. The actors HATED it because he was terrible at acting, so terrible that he could never even remember his character’s name and Shakespeare would usually have to switch it to Antonio. Eventually, everyone just got so fed up with Antonio mucking up their shows that they burned down the Globe.

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Jaune Arc dancing to “Gold” by Jeff Williams feat. Casey Williams.

Monty Oum rig test

Head canon: Beacon has a party for some reason (maybe Christmas celebration?) and Jaune ends up dance battling against Cardin and wins without a problem

i’d watch that so hard


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